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By Darius Acriter, Sep 3, 11 8:51 PM

Rise of Isengard: Have you or are you going to:

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By jmcmike, Oct 22, 10 7:28 PM

Which toon are you playing the most lately?

LOTRO Free to Play Launches September 10, 2010!
By rlrippee, Aug 19, 10 11:31 AM

Free-to-play and the LOTRO store launches September 10, 2010.

Also Current Subscribers and returning players will be able to access LOTRO Free-to-Play on the North American servers starting September 8th! The servers will be brought down on September 7th in preparation for the head ... Read More


Xaris kai Aletheia
(ka-ris kai al-ay-thee-a)
Grace and Truth

A Lord of the Rings Online Christian Kinship
On the Silverlode server


XKA Member Conduct Policy

  • All members of XKA are expected to exhibit Christ honoring behavior in all aspects of LOTRO game play. This includes in-game conversations using chat channels, fellowship chat with kin or non-kin, Ventrilo or in-game voice chat, and any other type of in-game communication.  This also includes forum posts made on the LOTRO forums or on the XKA forums.   
  • No profanity, personal attacks, or filthy communication.
  • Honor and love among the brethren are the identifying mark of a child of God (John 13:35).  All members are expected to live this out in and toward one another and the general LOTRO community.  
  • The fundamental truths of the Faith should be respected and kept by all members.
  • The purpose of these rules is to remind and enable all members to behave as Ambassadors for Christ, as we are called to be in 2 Corinthians 5:20.  As a Christian kinship all members are expected to exhibit Christ-like behavior toward one another and toward the general LOTRO community. 


If you meet the requirements for membership and are interested in fellowship with other like minded gamers in a openly Christ centered kinship, create a Guild Portal account (at the top of this page) and follow the instructions to the left labeled "Important Registration Info" to apply for membership.

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